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If you are running an SME business, you will probably be looking for an expert SEO Agency Dublin consultant to help you grow your business online.

At SME Marketing Labs, we are focused on maximizing your return on investment when it comes to SEO. We’re delivering high rankings, leads, and conversions for businesses like yours, and around the world. Our clients are looking to create a strong brand presence online, create a new client leads funnel and grow sales online with the help of an SEO Agency Dublin expert like SME Marketing Labs.

With a solid and consistent monthly investment in your business presence online with SME Marketing Labs, we can get your website on page 1 of Google and Bing search engine results pages for specific keywords, and keep it there for the long term, winning you more clients now and into the future.


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It should be noted that B2B SEO requires greater time and resources in order to rank for competitive keywords than B2C equivalents. You are competing with other businesses who like you understand the value of SEO and how with consistent effort over time you can dominate for valuable keywords and phrases that resonate with your existing and new potential business clients.

The user search patterns, methods, devices, and use of semantic language (words and phrases that mean something to those in your industry) can all differ and are more nuanced. this requires more resources for detailed preparation, making improvements during the SEO process each month and measuring the positive impacts of our joint efforts to grow your client base online.


B2B SEO Agency Dublin


SEO Agency Dublin

We will be honest and upfront with you from the beginning about the competition levels for certain keywords. Effective SEO takes hard work, skill, and experience. That’s where SME Marketing Labs comes in.

For example, if you are a specialist logistics company the search term “logistics” is going to be a broad search term, more competitive to rank for even with excellent content marketing and SEO optimization.

Even SEM (Search Engine Marketing) which includes using paid advertising on Google Ads will be very competitive and the cost of running a paid ad campaign would require serious and sustained financial investment in order to consistently appear on the first page of Google Search results.

B2B SEO Agency Dublin

 It can be done for the most competitive keywords, but it requires a healthy budget and time to manage the process. Less competitive keywords and categories usually require less budget and you can compete with an SEO investment into your business at levels more suited to a small or medium sized business.

We only take on SEO clients we know we can deliver real ROI results for because we use referral and word of mouth recommendations from our clients to generate more business. When you get great results, so do we!


Your success online is ours! It’s as simple as that!


Let SME Marketing Labs deliver an SEO  campaign to help you grow your business online. We can widen the campaign focus to expand the reach of the  SEO campaign across Ireland, the UK, EU and Worldwide if sufficient budget resources are available.

Join with us as a client, and we’ll deliver the best fit SEO Service for your business. We achieve this by asking just a few key questions in our consultation at the beginning and during the SEO service deployment in addition to our years of SEO and digital marketing expertise which will enhance your SEO campaign.


We don’t ask a million questions when we begin which causes “discovery fatigue”, something you may have experienced with other SEO agencies in the past. We listen to feedback from our clients about the process and we understand you are focused on outcomes and key insights that help to stay competitive. You are busy running your business, you don’t have times to sit down for days on end and go through every detail. 


B2B SEO Agency Dublin


We only ask the key questions that matter most when you join us as a client to understand your business, your needs, the sort of investment required to get the results you desire, and then we quickly get started!


SEO Agency Dublin Packages

Many businesses who contact us about SEO want to know how much our SEO Packages cost and how long will it take to get onto Page 1 of Google search results.

SEO is an ongoing process not a once off task. Yes there are various tasks in the overall process, however for the most effective results that will last longer term, you need to invest in a 3 monthly package to get the best results, now and into the future.

Onsite SEO tasks can be completed after an SEO Audit has been carried out on your website. Get in touch with us to see what you might need before beginning an ongoing monthly SEO campaign which keeps your website front and centre when your clients are searching online.

Because your business is unique, so is each SEO campaign, and to accurately advise you, we need to discover the following:


  • What keywords / phrases you want your website to rank for on Google
  • Key / Common search terms your customers use re your business & industry
  • How much competition exists to rank using those search terms



Taking the earlier example, it is much more of a challenge to rank for a broad search term like ‘logistics’ than a more specific one like ‘pharmaceutical logistics’.

However, the second search query may be from people more likely to become a valuable new long term client as they are looking for specific specialist needs met that your logistics company in this example can offer that others cannot. It would have fewer searching using this phrase, however they are showing clear and specific buyer intent and the search term would have far less competition so would be easier to rank for overall.

If you had a specialist logistics company it would definitely be one to target in your SEO  campaign as well as any SEM (Google Ads / Paid Ads) E.g.  3 month campaign.


B2B SEO Agency Dublin

SEO Dublin Agency Services

We deliver standard SEO audits (usually sufficient for most websites), deep dive SEO audits, recommend actions to be taken, and can explain what services we provide in relation to optimizing your website. SME Marketing Labs give you in your hands the important actionable insights and analysis with next step recommendations so you can grow your client base online. Build your brand, create awareness, get new leads, and new clients.

Click here for further details, or see this quick summary of the SEO services we provide:


  • SEO Audits & Implementation
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Key Competitor Analysis
  • Google Analytics Setup/Rebuild/Manage
  • Directories submission
  • Metadata / Alt tags Creation / Optimization
  • Website Visitor Friendly Onpage Sitemaps
  • Search Engine Friendly Sitemaps
  • Optimised meta tags creation for all web pages
  • Google/Bing Webmaster Verification
  • URL SEO Optimisation
  • Optimised folder structure
  • Social Media SEO Integration
  • White Hat (Safe) Link Building Strategies
  • White Hat Link Building Management
  • Negative SEO Protection Package
  • Online Brand Reputation Management


SEO Agency Dublin Rolling Contracts – No Commitment Required

We can create some early SEO wins for your business as a client of SME Marketing Labs.

We know that you realise the best SEO results happen when you have an SEO Agency partner like SME Marketing Labs working on SEO for you consistently on a regular basis. We have an initial 3 month campaign for all new customers that we on board to properly optimize the SEO efforts and maximize your investment returns. Less than this, and you miss out on a lot of the benefits of SEO as the first 3 months is where the iterative feedback loop allows us to measure and improve the SEO process to maximize the efficiency of the ongoing process, applying agile principles.

Page 1 rankings in Google Search results that are long lasting happen because of consistent effort over a sustained period of time.

Cheap as chips ‘black hat’ services from cowboys and others in Asia will see you rank for a few days before your website is severely penalised and could be possibly de-indexed from Google altogether.

Why? Because Google Search wants to deliver its users search results related to what they are searching for.

You want qualified client prospects searching for what you offer. It works in your favour to work with Google and Bing to help provide quality content and fresh content, so they can trust your website delivers for their users and gives a better user experience.

Everyone’s a winner!

Our SEO Agency Dublin service contracts are therefore for an initial period of 3 months.

Why 3 months? Because that’s typically the length of time it takes to fully plan, carry out, make improvements and manage an SEO initial campaign in order to get the serious pay back in ROI (Return on Investment) in the form of significant growth in customer leads, sales and brand awareness.


B2B SEO Agency Dublin, SEO Dublin Agency

What Investment Is Required To Have SME Marketing Labs as your SEO Agency ?

Because we get so many requests for off the shelf packages we do offer this option. These packages do bring real results.

However, we always like to make it clear that each business is unique and has different SEO needs so a tailored service specially crafted for your business will always give you superior results and an unfair competitive advantage over your direct competitors.

SEO is most effective when delivered on an agreed number of hours per month. This is determined by the level of competition in the business sector your business is in, its current positioning in the market, and the number of search terms your are looking to rank for, among other things. We will be able to advise you how many hours are typically required for your type of business combined with your your unique business needs.

All our SEO services are delivered on an agreed number of hours per month. This will depend on the level of competition and the number of search terms.

We have clients who invest as little as €295 per month for small startups, sole traders and micro businesses, while other clients in the small, medium sized, average from 1.5k-4k monthly and B2B enterprise and ecommerce clients can typically invest from €5k+ monthly to a maximum specifically aligned to their business goals. Each business has different needs, generally the bigger the budget reflects how competitive the business sector and keywords your business is targeting.

Why choose SME Marketing Labs as your SEO Dublin Agency ?

We don’t do endless meetings or ask you hundreds of questions. We get on with it. And we help you get results. We are here to help your business by listening to your answers to the key questions that matter, so that we can begin to deliver the search ranking results you want like reaching Page 1 of Google Search so you can grow sales online and or offline.

Unlike many SEO Agencies , we never have, and never will outsource the difficult SEO work to cheap offshore operators in the far east. We never use defunct techniques from a decade ago or buy irrelevant backlinks to get your website ranked temporarily on Page 1 of Google for a few days as this would be counterproductive as explained earlier.

We get results for businesses like yours through use of current, up to date industry best practices, solid on site SEO, quality content marketing, relevant link building among other techniques learned and honed through years of experience.

We don’t waste time with irrelevant KPI’s (key performance indicators) when giving you monthly report updates.

We will only focus on KPI’s specific to your business that align to your business goals.

In this way, the impact of our SEO efforts while working on your business as a SME Marketing Labs client is maximized for your online success.

While we take into account if you have keywords you wish to rank for, we can also advise on, and produce accurate keywords and phrases (longtail) that potential future customers of yours are actually searching for about your business or topics related to your business sector. This helps us to help you focus on search engine users that will generate leads and grow sales online.

We can help you rank on Page 1 of Google Search and deliver the results that your business needs to grow online. Anyone who promises they can get you the number one spot and keep it in search results does not understand SEO, SEM or how the multiple algorithms function and interact. Talk to us instead.

Contact Us about Your SEO Requirements

We would genuinely love to talk to you more about what we can do for your business.

Unlike old world media agencies who outsource SEO to us and charge you double, we are an SEO agency in Dublin who is passionate about all things SEO.

SEO is ever changing, we give you the insights and actionable business intelligence to gain an unfair advantage over your competitors. You can be always one step ahead of them.

You need to focus on the everyday tasks of running your business departments. Trust SME Marketing Labs to deal with your SEO and other digital marketing functions, so it’s one less thing to worry about every day. Simply Contact Us to arrange a no obligation SEO  consultation. Together, we can successfully put your business on Page 1, and keep it there!

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