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The Top 50 Irish Websites 2017

The top 50 Irish websites in 2017 according to SimilarWeb.

This is the very latest data currently available taken from the December 2017 data set and aggregated accordingly so it will also reflect the popularity of ecommerce online shopping giants as well as shall we say, ‘leisure time’ NSFW content providers and the run of the mill media publishers to boot.

Notably, despite the paywall the Irish Times are doing rather well having jumped in website user traffic in the previous month so there may be a viable model for the traditional media online after all! We’ll have to wait and see how things pan out over the next few years.

While there may not be a plethora of Irish owned and operated websites in the top 50 Irish websites it is still a real positive that so many of the multinational tech giants who made the list like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Twitter etc have a strong presence in Ireland. Heck, even the giant parent company of the NSFW content providers are based in Ireland thanks to a competitive business offering by Ireland Inc.

With the strong IT investment made by Ryanair over the last few years they would expect to start climbing nearer to the ‘Top 50 Websites in Ireland‘. Aerlingus and Ryanair will likely show up in the January and February data sets as the traditional Summer Holiday bookings seasons gets fully underway.

Hopefully the list tells a story about what websites are visited by Irish consumers online and how it might help to improve your own strategic planning around marketing your small or medium sized business.

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