Six Big Reasons Why Your SME Business Needs To Invest In SEO And SEM

  • Because you need to help search engines find your business online so that it appears prominently in search results pages on Google and Bing (Page one is what you are aiming for, Google’s position zero ideally. Get this when you invest in SEO)


  • Because competition for page one positions in search engine results is so fierce, investment in search engine marketing (SEM) is often effective


  • Because a remarkable user experience (UX) while visiting your website gives website users a reason to tell others online or by word of mouth. Often they are of the same persona you are trying to reach


Search engines are focused on delivering relevant search results which answer the specific search query of those searching.

Put simply, search engines like Google Search and Bing take the information spoken or typed in by users and finds the most relevant websites using those keywords. SEO can be incrementally improved on your website and in other areas of the internet.  Ignoring SEO means you are probably not on page one of search engine results pages. Search engine marketing (SEM) mainly involves advertising on search engines using platforms like Google Adwords.

When you invest in SEO and search engine marketing, it keeps promoting your business and website online while you get on with managing your business and focusing on keeping your customers happy.

Investing in your small or medium sized business with an SME Marketing Labs SEO Package has significant benefits for your business and your own clients customer experience.

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Six Big Reasons Why Your SME Business Needs To Invest In SEO And SEM


  • Is Your Website Showing Up In Search Results?

Great news! You have invested in a brand new mobile friendly responsive website with your digital marketing partner SME Marketing Labs but what’s the point in having an amazing website if your existing, new and potential customers don’t know about your website and or can’t find it online?! You need your business to show up in search results for your target customers. With a proper SEO and SEM strategy, plan and well managed campaign can bring more people to your website and convert into a growth in sales online and offline.


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  • The Best (UX) User Experience

SEO is ultimately about providing the user searching with the most relevant local information particularly if those searching are looking for a product or service locally in their area.

SME Marketing Labs offer localized SEO results for small businesses which help you connect with users displaying the most buyer intent online. These are your potential customers you may be missing out on who are actively searching online on their smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops for retailers, plumbers, builders or dentists locally.

With an SEO package or SEM package from SME Marketing Labs you will give users timely relevant important information to potential customers showing buyer intent. This gives them the best possible (UX) user experience, meaning they are more likely to choose you over another similar service.


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  • Maximize Customer Reach

People searching online generally defer to the ranking by search engine result pages. Many users don’t go beyond page one, and with the growth of voice search, optimizing your SEO to get the highest result is vital.

Google and Bing assign a value to many different aspects of a website and it’s value to the person searching based upon the keywords used in the search and the location of the device. The algorithms involved in the search results then determine where your website is ranked.

Connecting your social media profiles to your website sends signals to Google and Bing that your website and business is active online and worth ranking higher because you are more likely to engage positively with customers.

Making your content and profile online easily shareable has a force multiplier effect meaning those customers you delight online often share with their network, opening up your business to potentially new leads of similar user personas.

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  • SEO And SEM Boosts Your Websites Content

Well executed SEO and SEM will attract people already searching for your products and services. An old Irish proverb says ‘tús maith, leath na hoibre’. It means a good start is half the work. And this really applies to what SEO and SEM can do for your business online. Search engine optimization and search engine marketing drives traffic and qualified leads to your website.

It’s then up to you to have compelling content on your website, products and services potential clients want, and a clear call to action to direct potential customers in how to take the next step in reaching new customers. If you have invested in a SME Marketing Labs modern website design, you will benefit from a user centered design focus on usability, best practices in (UI) user interfaces and (UX) user experience.


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  • Greater Brand Awareness

SEO and SEM also has the added and recurring benefit of building greater brand awareness of your small or medium sized business 24/7, 365 days of the year. When you invest in SEO long term, you get the biggest returns.

If a potential customer searches on their smartphone in Dublin, Ireland about dentists in their area while commuting from work, they may not take immediate action, and may prefer to learn more later on their tablet or laptop at home or in work. They may decide to simply save your website via bookmark on Google Chrome browser, Safari or they may save the link or article they found on your website onto their Evernote account.

Depending on the product or service you offer potential customers, the customer journey can vary from just a few visits to your website before making a booking or purchase, or the lead time may be a few months in the sales cycle. Using SME Marketing Labs SEO and SEM packages will ensure your business remains top of mind for your potential customers, and for recommendations to others.

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  • Better Insights Into Your Customers

If your website is properly optimized, it will utilize data analytics like Google Analytics (which SME Marketing Labs can set up for your business). It can track valuable information about your visitors and your customers. Get insights into your website users and discover valuable insights to shape, refine, and align your wider business goals. Learn what browsers they use, the keywords and long tail used, devices used, location and days and times and much more.

Develop your strategies, identify your target market, and let this inform your advertising approach. Take the guessing game out of your business success. Knowing your customers helps you deliver a better product or service. The Return On Investment (ROI) is obvious.

Put plainly, search engine optimization is virtually an essential to get traction online. To be truly competitive online and grow sales, you need an expert such as SME Marketing Labs to run your SEO and SEM. You likely won’t have the time needed to learn, plan and manage your SEO, SEM and content marketing activities.

Content marketing on its own, will not convert customers. The most effective methods are combining the consistent efforts of content marketing, SEO, and SEM which you can get with investing in a SEO or SEM package.



You can arrange to have a chat with us at SME Marketing Labs if you want to get real results from effective SEO and SEM strategies, plans and campaigns. Hopefully this article prompts you to take action and get one step closer to better results online. If you are reading this article you are probably thinking about how you can create or improve the strategic planning and digital marketing of your small or medium sized business. Get in touch!

So what next?

You could read some more on our blog or delve once more down the rabbit hole that is digital marketing on Google or Bing search result pages, but frankly that’s only feeding your procrastination frustration. We want to help.

You don’t have all day to read up and learn about every tiny detail about the ins and out of digital marketing, UI / UX focused website design and best practice white hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization – Getting your website listed on page 1 of Google search results). That comes with years of practice, learning and real world experience which SME Marketing Labs has to offer you.

Let SME Marketing Labs take care of your website, digital marketing and SEO needs so you can focus on what you do best, serving your clients needs first.

Invest in SEO; invest in your business and organization by hiring SME Marketing Labs to take care of your online footprint. Get an unfair advantage over your business competitors. We offer no nonsense advice and services without the fluff, slow moving, and unnecessary expense of traditional old world print ad agencies who don’t know SEO and sometimes end up hiring us to do the work for them.


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